How You Can Save Money on Your Book Printing and Binding

Everyone is constantly looking for new ideas and ways to cut down on spending a ton of money. When it comes to launching your book, you definitely invest a lot of time, money and effort throughout the process. From writing to editing to printing and binding to copying and publishing, money and time are invested heavily. Cutting down on costs without compromising on quality can be a bit of a challenge. When it comes to printing and binding, agencies consider several factors before charging for printing and binding. Here are some ways you can implement to save money on printing and binding.

how to save money on printing and binding


  • Choose the Standard Book Size

Always go for something that is easily available and accessible. Standard paper sizes produce less waste and are less expensive as they are available everywhere. By using standard page sizes you can save up money on different types of page sizes. For instance sizes such as, 8.5″ x 11″, 210mm x 297mm, 5.5″ x 8.5″, 148mm x 210mm are standard book sizes and they are readily available everywhere which saves you a ton of money on multiple page printing. It’s a standard rule that the printing cost significantly decreases when books of size 8.5”x11” are printed. Since the sizes of the book match the paper size, they are known as standard sizes. No paper is wasted if you go for the standard book size.


  • Learn to Divide Efficiently

Every page is printed matters. It adds up to the total cost of printing. When printing anything, make sure to always consider the interior total page count can be divisible by 4 for book sizes such as &.5″ x 11″ and 210mm x 297mm. This solution proves to be more economical as it saves money and you get your money’s worth. You can make the interior page count and then divide by 16 to ensure cost-effectiveness. If you’re unable to count the interior page, you can even divide the total count by 8 as it’s the second-best economical solution. Dividing books with interior pages cannot be divided by 4 as is does not prove to be the most cost-effective solution.

For book sizes of 5.5″ x 8.5″ and 148mm x 210mm book, the total page count can easily be divided by 32. This way you can save up on pages by number. This is the cheapest you can go to for such book sizes. Dividing by 8 is the next economical solution that is also considered by many publishers. Dividing by 4 has to be the most expensive option. With book sizes, you also have to be smart about the page count pricing. If you know your sizes then you can make a smart decision to make printing the book cost-effectiveness and save money on printing and binding.


  • Always Go for Coated Paper Than Offset Paper

If you have the option to choose between the textures of the papers, always go for coated paper than offset paper. Many people are unaware of the fact that coated paper is not more expensive than offset paper. Since your images and content will be printed on these pages, you have to act smart about the quality and color of the printed content.  The quality of these papers is different from one another. Any pictures and images printed on coated paper will make the colors appear bright and real. On the other hand, printing on offset paper can make the colors appear saturated and dark. This can cause a huge impact on the quality of the book. Many people believe that coated paper is higher in quality, therefore, more expensive but that is not true at all. In fact, if we talk about the pricing of both papers, printing on coated paper and printing on offset paper cost the same.

The only difference is that most offset paper is a better option for writing. The type of paper solely depends on your needs and requests.


  • A Large Quantity Is a Better Solution

Since we offer an offset printer we have different pricing options depending on the number of orders. When it comes to perfect bookbinding, hardcover bookbinding, saddle stitch bookbinding, we require 100 pcs at the minimum. For thick board books, our minimum quantity is 500 pcs. The minimum order quantity or MOQ can be chosen by you for your first printing. Fortunately, if you want to print a minimum of 500 pcs or more, the total unit price will drop and it will cost you less. The best suggestion would be that you go for more quantity and avail a cheaper price so you can provide discounts and reasonable rates to your readers for the extra books you have. These books can be used for promotion. This will boost your sales and you will get your money’s worth. A set budget is enough for printing but if you can go a bit above your budget to focus on sales and quality then going for higher quantity printing is a better solution.



  • Choose the Best Shipment for Your Books

Getting economical shipment for bulk quantity can be a challenge. Imagine being in another country and your shipment orders are in another, how do you receive cheap shipping? To be honest, it completely depends on the total weight of the books, the destination of shipments and the time schedule whether its peak season or no.

You must be wondering why the total weight of the books is such an important factor in shipping prices. Well, let’s break it down into different logistic services and countries.

For instance, consider a total weight less than 250kgs, and this shipment is being shipped to the USA or Europe. In this case, choosing FedEx IE shipment can prove to be the best solution. These logistic companies have their corporate clients who avail of huge discounts on packages. Many people believe that sea shipment is cheaper but that’s not always true. We get very reasonable rates from FedEx because we use FedEx for shipments on a daily basis. The more we use the more benefit we receive. Many of our printing shipments are shipped through FedEx and our clients enjoy the discounts that we receive. When it comes to fees, using FedEx doesn’t require the payment of local shipment fees or any custom clearance fee. FedEx will responsibly deliver the shipments to your required station. No hidden charges are included in the shipment process.

A shipment from China includes local entry port fees, shipping cost, customs clearance fee, sea shipment fee, bond fee, and customs clearance fee. Shipments in the USA include local fees and more. For shipments with less weight, sea shipment isn’t a good idea. Shipments get delivered in 4 working days when shipped from China to the USA since FedEx shipment is faster compared to others.

If the total weight of the books falls between 250kg to 400kg, then the price of the total sea shipment is much cheaper than lighter shipments. You can choose to balance either the shipping time or the cost accordingly and choose which is more important to you and your requirements.

The total weight exceeds 400kg, and then sea shipment is a good idea since you can save a ton of money on heavier shipments. A forwarding service can ship directly to your door and an import bond is required if you are based in the USA. In the end, more quantity, more weight, less shipping cost and less customer clearance time.


  • Choose Black Ink Whenever Possible

If the book isn’t designed to be a part of any corporate event, organizational manual, or employee handbook, then going for black ink over color can save you a lot of money. The interior pages should be printed in black and any images can be printed in grayscale. Even if you cannot print the exterior or cover of the book in black ink, try to go for black ink printing if color is not important for the book.


Given the reasons above, you can now easily compare your needs and pricing budgets and choose the right way to save money on book printing and binding. With the pricing lists mentioned, you can easily get an idea about how much it costs for printing and binding books. For any concerns, queries or information, you can contact us directly and work out a solution for you!