Are There More Advantages to Print Books or Catalogs or Magazines in China?

From last year Chinese government has controlled the pollution problem strictly. The printing manufacturers get more pressure on producing cost. Especially on recycling the water and disposing the garbage. The paper price are increased more than 50% from last year. In this situation, are there more advantages to print books in China?

Are there advantages to print books or catalogs or magazines in China?

The answer is definitely yes. To print book in China has more advantages because it has all products processing manufacturers in China and the printing manufacturers have many efficient printing machines, especially offset printing machines. In China, most of the printing manufacturers are working 6 days a week and 24 hours a day. Many automatic machines are used in China, which are super efficient and are of good quality.

Our company have 2 Kodak high-speed CTP machines which produce 40 plates per hour, and 6 Heidelberg and Komori four-color presses which carry plates automatically and do self-cleaning. To meet demand for diverse binding styles, we’re equipped with a variety of binding machines including full-automatic folding machines, perfect binding machines and saddle stitching machines, which ensure fast binding.

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After 20 years’ development, China now has a very mature printing industry . There is no way that any other country could replace China in this industry, because printing is a traditional industry, not more profit industry. Currently, there is no enough profit to cover the cost of rebuilding the whole printing industry in any country.

Although the paper price is increasing and labor cost is high in China, the printing manufacturers have found different methods to solve the problems. Some printing manufacturers are using automatic machines to cover the increased cost. Some manufacturers are moving to cities where is labor cost is lower. I think the paper printing price in China will be stable in a year.

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