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Auto Part Catalog Printing

auto part catalog printingWe have rich experience in printing auto part catalogs. We provide a wide range of paperweight for you to choose printing auto part catalog from. All customers are very happy with our professional printing services and high quality auto part catalogs with lower price. You can save more than 40% to compare with your local printer.  

Various surface finish is available. Gloss and matte lamination, aqueous varnishing are very common on the auto catalog cover surface. Gold or silver foil stamping, spot UV, embossing and debossing are also popular. For auto catalog binding, the most common binding methods are perfect binding, saddle stitching, and sewing binding.

We provide custom printing service to meet your special requirement. With our custom printing service and diverse printing options, you get the best auto part catalogs at the most competitive prices. Besides printing auto part catalogs, we can also print product catalogs and food catalogs. Also, we can print books, catalogs, booklets, magazine, poster, print flyers. Welcome to contact us now, you will get more professional printing advises!

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Printing full color auto part catalog specification

auto part catalogue printing

Size: 8.5X11″

Cover Paper: 250gsm gloss art paper

Cover printing: full-color CMYK printing

Outside cover surface: gloss lamination outside

Interior paper: 128gsm gloss art paper

Page count: 84 pages

Printing: full-color printing

Binding: perfect binding with 5-hole drilled

Auto part catalog printing tips:

1, The Auto part catalog includes many similar parts using in different auto models. Therefore, please think of this point and make your user search each model item easily when you design the catalog, .

2, All products number or code in black should be 100% BLACK printing. In this case, please don’t do with CMYK printing for small size texts.

3, Many auto part catalogs are with 5-hole drilling. The top hole and the bottom hole diameter is 12mm, the three middle hole diameter is 8mm. Hence, please make sure the texts and important images are not be drilled by holes when you design the artwork.

4, Some auto part catalogs are used in a factory workshop. To make the catalogs last long time, doing gloss lamination or matte lamination to protect the cover is important.

5, Many catalogs include more different categories, so we suggest you design with different color tabs for each category. The tabs are included in each page design. It is just for the user to search fast.

6, Most of products diagrams are made by AutoCAD software. Therefore, please transfer to 100% BLACK for the diagrams and they are the vector file.

7, Before you start to design the auto part catalog, you may contact our catalog printing specialist. We will give you good suggestions about the catalog printing artwork. In addition, if the artwork is ready for printing, you may upload the printing files to us. We provide free printing file checking. For more information, please check Printing Guide page.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can you do part of contents is color printing and part of contents are B/W printing?

Yes. We can do. To save money, please design all color printing pages are together and B/W printing pages are together. The color pages count and B/W pages count both should be divided by 4. We also can do the color pages are gloss art paper or matte art paper and the B/W printing pages are offset paper.

If the auto part catalog with tabs, how do I design the tabs?

We suggest you design the tabs are in a different position of the cutting edge for each category. If the tabs are standing out the interior, we will do die-cutting. If the tabs are the same paper as the interior, you just do regular design as part of the interior. In order to save money and production fast, we suggest the second option. 

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