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A1 Poster Printing

A1 Poster Printing

A1 Poster Quote

  • The cheapest A1 poster printing, save more than 40%
  • MOQ is 100pcs
  • More paper options and poster surface options
  • 2-3 days of production time after approval

Printing posters are an important part of promoting a company’s image or product and services. A1 poster size is 594mm x 841mm or 23.39″ x 33.11″.  These posters enjoy great popularity in Europe and Australia and have extensive uses in promotional activities and advertising of films and concerts. In the US, the popular poster size which is similar to the A1 poster is 34″ x 22″.

bulk poster printing
a1 poster print

A1 posters are known for their visual impact as compared to other forms of posters. With the proper use of words and images, an A1 poster can soon become a powerful tool for advertising. Film posters have a huge market, which is hard to ignore and A1 posters are quite popular amongst them. With the many movies releasing on a daily basis, the need for movie posters is always pertinent, with tens of thousands of posters being printed, whenever a movie releases.

cost of printing a1 poster
a1 poster printing

The seven large-sized offset printers that we have are capable of comprehensively creating posters in both large and small sizes. We can create posters in A1, A0, A2 and A3 sizes. Offset printing is the best method for quality printing. Your quality requests will definitely be met with the excellent posters that we make. After you have approved the proof, we can complete the production of posters within 48 hours and proceed to shipment on the next day, for any and all urgent projects.

A1 Poster Sample Specifications

  • Size: 594mm x 841mm
  • A1 poster paper: 157gsm gloss art paper
  • Poster printing: Color printing on one side
  • Poster surface: Gloss lamination one side
A1 Poster Printing Cost

Printing A1 posters are just a part of the many printing services that we offer. As has already been mentioned, other types include printing A0 posters, 24″ x 36? posters, A2 posters to name a few. We also have the capacity to print books, catalogs, magazines, etc. Start printing with us right now to get the best A1 poster for yourself.

Design A1 Poster Artwork Tips

  • Owing to the poster being a large size, the photos or images also should be large in size and of high resolution. The texts should be in a vector file.
  • For the posters that have a black background, please make sure that the black background is designed with 90% BLACK 60% MAGENTA and 60% CYAN. Please do not design with 100% BLACK. This is because 100% BLACK, does not remain as rich after printing.

A1 Poster Printing and Packing Tips

  • A1 posters are of a large size. We suggest the use of 157gsm, 200gsm, 250gsm gloss art paper or matte art paper for an A1 poster.
  • We are an offset printer. Our MOQ is 100pcs. If the exceeds 500pcs, you get more economical prices. After we have received the payment and you have approved the proof, it takes around 3-5 days for regular A1 posters to be printed. If your order is urgent, we can also complete it within 48 hours after approval of the proofs.
  • We also have provisions for sun-resistant posters. Sun-resistant inks are usually expensive and we charge extra for them.
  • A1 poster is of a larger size than regular printing products. The poster package is packed with custom large size cartons, which are matched to the poster size. In order to secure the poster and also keep the shipping costs low, the posters are laid flat in a carton and packed. We tape each corner of the carton and shrink-wrap them to secure them further. We can also pack your posters in a tube. However, the volume increases for tube packaging and the shipping costs follow the same pattern.
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