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A1 Poster Printing

A1 poster printingPrinting posters are an important means of promoting a company’s products and image, especially for an A1 poster. A1 posters, namely posters sized 594X841mm, enjoy great popularity in Europe and Australia and have extensive uses in promotional activities and advertising of films and concerts. In the US, A1 poster size is 34X22”. A1 poster has a more visual impact than other sizes. It can better conform to the public visual experience and can be the most effective publicly. Advertising posters become a huge branch of posters in recent years. Putting up posters in crowded places is more effective than advertising on TV. With beautiful words and good design, the high quality posters will be a powerful advertising. Film poster also has a big market. With the booming film market, more and more posters are needed. Tens of millions of posters will be printed when a movie is to play.

We have seven large sizes offset printing machines which can print full colour large format poster and small size posters. We can do a0 poster printing and a1 a2 a3 posters, almost all poster sizes. Offset printing is the best quality printing method. We can do excellent quality poster printing to meet your quality request. If the order is urgent, we can finish the poster printing within 48 hours and next day delivery shipment services after you approve the proof.

Besides printing A1 poster, we also print other posters. For instance, 24×36″ postersA2 postersA0 posters etc. No matter the size of posters or the poster paper or something else, we can solve all of your issues about poster printing. Meanwhile, we also print bookscatalogscalendarsfoldersbooklets and so on.

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A1 poster printing specification

A1 poster printing   print A1 color poster   High End Portrait Poster Printing

Size: 594X841mm

A1 poster paper: 157gsm gloss art paper

Poster printing: full color one side printing

Poster surface: gloss lamination one side

A1 poster printing tips:

1, A1 poster is large size. We suggest you use 157gsm, 200gsm, 250gsm gloss art paper or matte art paper for an A1 poster.

2, For large size poster printing, the photos or images also should be large size high resolution. The texts should be a vector file.

3, The poster with a black background, please design the black background with 90%BLACK 60%MAGENTA 60%CYAN. Please don’t design with 100%BLACK. For 100%BLACK printing, after printing, the black is lighter than you thought.

4, We are an offset printer. The MOQ is 100pcs. If the quantity is more than 500pcs, it is economical. For production time, it takes 3-5 working days for production regular A1 poster after you approve the proof and we receive the payment. If your order is urgent, please can complete within 48 hours after you approve proofs.

5, If you need a sun-resistant A1 poster, we also can do. The sun-resistant ink is expensive. We will charge extra cost for sun-resistant ink.

6, A1 poster is a larger size than regular printing products. The poster package is packed with custom large size carton which is matched the poster size. To protect the poster well and to keep lower shipping cost, we pack the poster in flat. We do type for each carton corner and do shrink wrapped for each carton. We also can pack the poster with a tube. For the poster with tube package, the volume is large, the shipping cost is more.

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